2023 Kaleidoscope Membership

$500.00 USD

ONLY 50 Available!

Membership starts on January 1, 2023 and ends December 31, 2023

Membership includes

  • 4 Cocoon Reservations Annually ($200 Value)
    • Includes 2 hours of time and $50 towards tab for each reservation
    • Excludes special events
  • Inaugural Challenge Coin
    • How does it work?
      1. You see a fellow Kaleidoscope Member  at a drinking establishment. Naturally, you want to show your same dedication to Cocoon Brewing with a challenge.
      2. If the person you challenged doesn’t have their coin, honor dictates that they buy you a beer. Try not to pick the most expensive beer on the menu as your reward. Challenge coins are for fun, and you’ll meet a lot of interesting explorers this way. This is the perfect opportunity to share a pint with a new friend.
      3. If the person you challenged does have their coin, then you owe them a beer for having the audacity to challenge a fellow beer collector.
      4. Only 2022/2023 challenge coins are valid.
  • Reservation Preference for Events (advance notice)
  • Membership Only T-shirt
  • Private Brewery Tour
  • Priority Access to Special Release Beer
  • Right of First Access for next year’s Membership
  • Flutter Level Benefits
    • Membership Glassware
    • $1 off pour on members day of week
    • $1 off to-go beer
    • Butterfly Hunt Free Pour
    • Choice of Sticker
    • Member Only Events (one guest included!)

Membership Details & Rules

Rules are definitely for OTHER people, but sometimes they make things run smoother so MAYBE we should have a couple:

  • Only one membership per user account allowed. If you want to purchase more than one membership, please create a separate account.
  • Please send inquiries and concerns to: [email protected]
  • Membership perks can be picked up in person in the taproom during business hours (once we are open!)
  • Any membership purchased before grand opening will only be available after grand opening (anticipated Dec 2022).
  • Pickup items in person with valid ID (can elect one proxy for pickup)
  • Any member that damages Cocoon Brewing property, engages in illegal activity or unreasonable or offensive conduct, including but not limited to, actions or statements considered aggressive, abusive, threatening, intimidating, violent or harassing are grounds for cancellation of membership without refund or continued benefits at the discretion of Cocoon Brewing management.

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